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Daily Schedule


Mrs. Hamner’s Elementary Daily Schedule


Breakfast/Homeroom         7:25-7:55            Eat in the Classroom

Period 1                   7:55-8:35       Math

Period 2                                8:35-9:25            Math

Period 3                               9:25-10:15          Reading, Grammar,  

                                           Spelling, and Writing

Period 4   10:15-11:05        Reading, Grammar,  

                                            Spelling, and Writing Lunch

Period 5A 11:05-11:55        Cafeteria

Period 5B                             12:00-12:50       Science   

Period 6                                12:50-1:40         Elementary PE

Period 7                                  1:40-2:20         Social Studies

Homeroom                             2:20-2:30          Character Education

                                                                          Wrap Up Routine


The main subject areas (Math, ELA) are broken down into 15-20 minute increments for each grade level.  With the cooperation of all students, each grade level will receive one-on-one or small group instruction during this time.

Revised 09-01-11 


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